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2020 Park Avenue Art Studio Summer Camp 


Park Avenue Art Studio's staff are professional artists in their medium of art.

Our days will be filled with oil paintings, pencil work, ceramics, still life, pastels, watercolor, mixed media, etc. 

Every day is different. Growth and fun are our goals. Campers will be able to create both at the art studio but also at our local park.

We make sure that the campers are both creative while having fun.    

Week 1. July 6-10 

Disney & Marvel Animation:

Basic drawing fundamentals will be taught- volumes, proportions, perspective, construction lines, etc. Students will learn the process and evolution of animation and how to bring their drawings to life.

Week 2. July 13-17 


Giraffes, flamingos and penguins, OH MY! Get ready to learn about zoo animals and how special they really are. 

Week 3. July 20-24

Magical Creatures: Unicorns, Dragons, Knights and Wizards:

Let’s go back in time and discover what life was like through the years and in our imagination. We will take a look at how they dressed, the foods they ate and ask the burning does a unicorn get their rainbow hair?

Week 4. July 27-31 

I Love Hawaii: 

Did you know Mrs H use to live in Hawaii? For almost 7 years!! This week we will learn all about the beautiful islands of Hawaii. What do they eat, what are the best places to see in Hawaii to see and do.

Week 5. August 3-7

Fashion Week w/Art:


Get ready to have some fun while learning about fashion through art during this week of camp. We will discover new and crazy ways to play with paint and learn about how fashion and art coexist. We will be creating art and fashion!! This week we will be making our own masks!!

Week 6. August 10-14

The Masters:

Starry Night, The Persistence of Memory & Autumn Rhythm #30. Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dalí & Jackson Pollock. We will teach campers all about the greatest artist and their work of arts. Campers will get together, work and paint at the art studio and make our own version of their work of arts.

Week 7. August 17-21

Ceramics, Sculpture & Clay:

Campers will have opportunities to use their imagination to create something new using various materials.  We will also learn about working as a team and with our hands.    

Week 8. August 24-28


Our oceans are deep and filled with beauty. Campers will be working together on a mural and their own personal works of art inspired by our oceans and the mammals that live in it.   

Week 9. August 31-September 4

Mixed Media:  

Art comes in many forms, we will explore different canvases for our work of art . Campers will be working with String Art, Wood Art, Jewelry & Printmaking. This is a very creative and hands-on camp week. 

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